A Bunch of Good Treats! My New Set of Accessories

Hello loves!!! Kaye here again, giving you lots of kisses for a beautiful Monday. 🙂 Today, I’ll be sharing with you my new set of accessories, of course coming from my favorite online shop. (The Fun Stuff Shop). Here you’ll have a sneak peek of some of the amazing accessories that you may discover online. Stay tuned. 🙂

PS. You may notice that I usually choose accessories by sets already, I do this because this is a great deal than buying separate earrings and necklace. It’s wiser because I get to save more.

Here are the accessories I have purchased:

  1. Pair of Retro Faux Gemstone Stud Earrings– First one on my accessory list is this pair of earrings. These are beautiful on the ears. I love how it makes you glow when you wear it. It’s perfect for a glam OOTD. ♥ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/pair-retro-faux-gemstone-stud-earrings/
  1. Faux Leather Velvet Bowknot Choker– Well chokers have been a trend for a couple of months now, and at first I wasn’t fond of it, but preferences change too. Now I’m comfortable with chokers, this one is a stylish and chic choker. It’s a bowknot styled choker, which I usually see worn by young stars on TV. It’s just a perfect addition to your outfit if you want fashionable attire. ☺ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/faux-leather-velvet-bowknot-choker/

Starting from number 3 up to the next following accessories are all sets of earrings and necklaces.

  1. A Suit of Elegant Oval Faux Gem Zircon Pendant and Earrings– This is a set of earrings and necklace. I find this one very elegant and is perfect for a very special occasion. It is the right set of accessories for a lovely gown. ♥ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/suit-elegant-oval-faux-gem-zircon-pendant-earrings-women/
  1. Faux Crystal Rhinestone Heart Wedding Jewelry Set– Well this one says for a wedding set, but I’m not getting married girls. Haha. This set is just beautiful too, just like the other set this one is elegantly made. And it is true, this would be a perfect set for a wedding dress. ☺ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/faux-crystal-rhinestone-heart-wedding-jewelry-set/
  1. Faux Opal Rhinestone Water Drop Pendant Necklace and Earrings– Another set, yes it is, and I’m loving this one, this gives me a feeling of femininity. This is perfect for a sassy look with the perfect dress this would totally give that additional glam on your outfit. ♥ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/faux-opal-rhinestone-water-drop-pendant-necklace-earrings/

There you go guys, I hope you enjoyed what I have prepared for you today.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these products too, you may follow the link below. I have indicated the product’s links for you guys. 

You may also want a sneak peek of The Fun Stuff Shop’s site. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you’ll be discovering there. I always do 🙂 

Visit their site: http://thefunstuffshop.com/

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