Perfectly Flawless Skin with these Products!

Ola dears! It’s me again, Kaye. Welcoming you to a new blog. 🙂 I’m excited to share with you guys some effective skin whitening products. I know a lot of us are dreaming about having a perfectly flawless skin just like the actresses that we see. I do too, so I looked for a good way to achieve that goal and I found these effective products. If you want to achieve that goal too, stay tuned 🙂

Here are the products I have discovered:

  1. Relumins Advance White Active Glutathione Complex (Oral Whitening Formula Capsules with 6x boosters)- Well, Relumins has been known to be one of the most effective glutathione in the market. It is promoted by the actress Kylie Padilla. I also looked for honest legit reviews before purchasing one just to be a hundred percent sure of the effectiveness of the products. And yes, it is! I’ve used this for a couple of months already and I did notice some changes. My skin has that glow and of course, it lightened up my skin. There were no allergic reactions on me so it’s a good one for me. ☺

  1. Alpha Arbutin Double White ++ Soap- Another skin whitening is this soap from Thailand. This one is also an effective skin whitening, it effects fast and helps keep my skin smooth and healthy too. It helps remove dead skin and promotes new healthy skin cells and it adds moisture to it. It is safe and healthy guys. ☺

  1. Relumins Underarm Whitening Set- For those ladies who has a dark underarm, this set would be perfect. I’ve used this for my semi-dark underarm an it does give profoundly great results. The deodorant naturally whitens my underarm while giving it a 24 hour protection against odor. The underarm and thigh whitening cream whitens underarms, thighs, elbows, knees, bikini and intimate areas. This is surely a great set of underarm whitening.

  1. Relumins Intensive Repair Lotion- For me putting lotion is a must, because it gives you moisture to your skin, preventing dry skin. This one offers a lot more that just moisture, this lotion hydrates skin and helps achieve that healthy even glow on the skin. It’s a whitening, hydrating and anti-aging lotion in one. This is truly a good products for me. ☺

  1. Lily’s Touch Blooming Kit- After a long day, with all the pollution outside, this set is the perfect remedy for keeping that blooming effect even for a rough day. This set is complete with toner, creams, and soap that helps gently remove the outer superficial layer of the skin. It also helps lighten and brighten the skin.


This is good for:

Facial blemishes
Acne facial scars
Discolorations (e.g. freckles)
Uneven Skin Tone
Dark Under Eye
Dark Skin
Dull Complexion
Dry skin
Acne Problems
White/Black Heads
Break Outs
Bite Marks
Skin Asthma
Dark Elbows|Knees|Nape


  • Reduces the apperance of freckles and melasma
  • Reduces the apperance of uneven skin pigmentation
  • Lightens pimple marks
  • Tightens pores
  • Lightens Skin naturally
  • Repairs and Rejuvenates dull skin
  • Improves skin texture leaving a supple and glowing skin
  • NO mercury or any harmful ingredient
  • Safe and Effective

That’s all fellas for this blog. I hope you learned something. 🙂

If you want to purchase these skin-whitening products too, I have indicated the links below each products description.

These products are all available in The Fun Stuff Shop, visit their site for more amazing online finds. They have great deals there and they are totally legit. 🙂

Visit their site:

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