Haul for one, and one for Haul!

Hello dears. It’s Friday. It’s me, Kaye wishing you a great T.G.I.F! It’s party time! Yey.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you another haul of amazing items that I found online. Please stay tuned and discover some things you might be interested too.

Here are the items I have purchased:

  1. Charming Round Neck Sleeveless Floral Dress– Another addition to my dresses, I bought this one because it’s really nice and it would be perfect for another Sunday dress. It’s sleeveless, so I tend to put on a blazer when wearing it to the church. It could also be worn during special event because it’s also a formal type of dress. ☺ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/charming-round-neck-sleeveless-floral-pattern-slimming-womens-dress/
  1. Denim Casual Dress– I know that denims are one of the trends today, so I bought one too. This one is a collared denim dress, perfect for casual hangouts and dates. It’s simple, but it’s cute and chic when you wear it. http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/denim-like-casual-dress/
  1. Fall Criss-Cross Bandage Skirt– An additional to my skirts, this caught my eye the first time I saw it. It’s really cute and trendy. I often see this kind of skirts from public figures on the TV. It’s a perfect OOTD for parties. http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/fall-criss-cross-bandage-faux-suede-skirt/
  1. Owl Sling Bag– I love going out with friends and going to the mall and I usually where sling bags, because they are more easy to bring and it’s what I’m comfortable with. I bought this one because it’s the design is cute, it is an owl designed sling bag. I could partner this up with my denim dress that I bought. ☺ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/owl-sling-bag/
  1. Patched Capri Distressed Jeans– Another trend these days are clothes with patches, and I just love following the trends that’s why I bought these jeans. It’s patched with cute patches on it. For days that girls like us wants to keep it simple yet cool, this one would fit our OOTD. ☺ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/patched-capri-distressed-jeans/

Well, that’s it for today’s blog guys. I hope you enjoyed what you’ve read.

If you are interested in some of these products, the links are indicated below of the descriptions. Just click it.

These are all found in The Fun Stuff Shop, if you want to check their site. I’ll be linking their site’s link below. Have fun shopping 🙂

Visit their site: http://thefunstuffshop.com/

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