New Thailand Whitening Lotions :)

Ola me amores! Here I am, welcoming you today with a virtual hugs and kisses.

Now, I know that we all want that fair and fllawless looking skin, the market has been offering a lot of whitening products and we just couldn’t decide which is the best but I believe in these Thailand made whitening lotions. I have seen good reviews from this, and I really think they work. If you want to know these products, keep reading 🙂

  1. Gluta Yogurt Lotion– This one has a cute and colorful packaging, it is known to be an effective skin whitening lotion. It contains glutathione, yogurt, vitamin c, and honey. This lotion claims to repair all skin problems and give you a smooth and moisturized skin.

  1. Gluta Wink White Lotion– Another effective whitening lotion is this Gluta Wink White, it has a concentrated formula for nourishing skin for whiter and brighter skin with Sunscreen SPF 60, and nourishes the skin with Vitamin E helps skin discoloration, and Vitamin C to strengthen the skin. Smooth skin, skin is white and moist throughout the day. It also has a cute packaging, very sassy.

  1. Milk Essence Whitening Lotion– This one is an instant whitening and moisturizing lotion. It whitens your skin on the very first application and with deep whitening effect with continuous use. It contains abundant milk whitening and nourishing components which is full of minerals and vitamins. You can now achieve that instant white skin, and it even gives greater effects after continous use.

That’s all for this blog guys, I hope you enjoyed what you have read.

If you want to try these products too, you may follow the link. I have indicated it after the description.

I got these items from my favorite online shop, The Fun Stuff Shop, if you want to visit their site follow the link below. 🙂



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