Perfect Beach Mats for the Summer

Hello loves, welcome to another blog with me Kaye. Today I’ll be sharing with you these awesome beach mats that are just perfect for summer. A perfect tool for a day on the beach. 🙂 If you want to check these mats out, stay tuned.

  1. Boho Arab Print Silky Round Beach Throw Scarf– I love the color of this one, it is a combination of color purple with light ones and dark ones. The design is also beautiful, it’s silky and really perfect to bring for a day on the beach.

  1. Blue Elephant Life Mandala Beach Mat– This one is another beach mat, it’s designed with an elephant mandala with a color light blue. I feel like this is really light to the feelings. I feel light because of the color, it’s a great beach mat.

  1. Colorful Ombre Retro Printed Small Pompon Round Beach Throw– A very refreshing look, this one is a colorful ombre which is so cute and so lively to see. I really love this one. It’s more fun in the beach with a beach mat like this.

  1. Ethnic Boho Eight-Square Flower Print Fringed Red Round Beach Throw– Another cute one, this is a colorful beach mat as well. It’s abit more sassy to look, a perfect mat for those girly ones. It looks playful and fun to use too.

  1. Tribal Bikini Boho Totem Print Thicken Chiffon Round Beach Throw– This one has floral designs, it has dark colors as its background color. It’s a nice beach mat as well, and the quality is great. All these mats are. J

That’s all for today’s blog, I hope you liked what you have read.

If you want to purchase some of these beach mats too, just follow the link below each of the description.

These are all from The Fun Stuff Shop, they offer a lot of awesome stuffs there. Check them out 🙂



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