Trying out Cathy Doll Products

Hello dears. It’s a fun Friday! Welcome to a new blog, with me Kaye. For today, I will be sharing with you my experience with some Cathy Doll products. I know this is one of the known names in the skin care industry. It is Korean-made, which I really trust. These items came from The Fun Stuff Shop. They offer a lot of skin care products there too. You may want to check them out. I’ll be putting their link at the end of the blog. Now, let’s get on to the products.

  1. Body CC Cream SPF30 Pa+++ 128ml Cathy Doll Speed White– This one is a CC cream from Cathy Doll, a very easy to blend cream. This helps eliminate blemishes and skin imperfection, making your face a perfect canvas. I like this because it has an SPF30 that helps protect my skin from the sun. It is really a good product.

  1. Cathy Doll Gold Splash Essence with Bee Venom– This one is like a moisturizer, it is used after washing your face. It gives you a bright and youthful look on your skin. It is very refreshing to use plus it really makes your skin very smooth.

  1. 2 in 1 Eye & Cheek Cream 4g Baby Bright Camellia Color– I am very fond of this one, this is a 2-in-1 product, it could be used on the eyes as well on the cheeks. It gives a natural look and has a matte finish. It’s the perfect product for a natural look that you’d want to go for.

  1. Cathy Doll 2 in 1 Vit C Tint 3.4g & Gluta Gloss 2.8g -Milky Pink & Red– This is one of my favorite lip gloss. This one is really chic plus it has two colors in one product. Both are sassy and nice to wear. The size is just right to carry around your clutch or purse.

  1. Cathy Doll Floral Lip Pigment 8ml– This one is another lip product from Cathy Doll, it is also a great lip product, and it is much pigmented and can be used for a blush on too. It can also be mixed with other colors to get your desired color. It’s very fun to do.

That would be all ladies and gentlemen. I must say that these products are really nice and effective. If you are interested in purchasing some, I have indicated the product’s link to each description.

 Here is the link to my favorite online store. Check them out! 🙂

Visit their site


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