A New Haul of Phone Accessories

Hi there! It’s me again, Kaye giving you virtual kisses. For today, I’ll be sharing with you my new haul of phone accessories. These are all from my favorite online shop (The Fun Stuff Shop). If you want to check these items out, stay tuned.

Here are the items:

  1. Pokemon Mobile Phone Ring Stent (3pcs Set) – I’ve seen this item everywhere. I guess this is one of the trendiest phone accessories. This one is a mobile phone ring which I thing is very handy when holding your phone. Whenever you are carrying your phone, texting, or simply taking a selfie, this ring could be a good help in holding your phone safely. The ring on the back serves a whole your finger could where so you could take hold of your phone easier and safely. This has different Pokemon designs and are all cute.


  1. Night Using Selfie Enhancing Light– For phones who don’t have a built-in flash on the front camera, this one is a perfect use. It is a highlight led with a manual switch. It is very useful when you want to take selfies, especially at night. You can now achieve that perfect angle and lighting with this one.


  1. Selfie Ring Light– This one is pretty similar with the other selfie light. The only difference is its style. It is a built in highlight leds, and it can be used as making up light source. The clamping thickness is up to 15mm, suitable for all cellphones. It has a big lighting area enough to make facial expression richer. It also features three brightness levels suitable for different light conditions.


  1. Waterproof Mobile Dry Bag– A perfect tool for a day on the beach or the pool. This is one of my must-haves for a summer vacation. This one is a waterproof mobile bag, and it is very useful if you want to go swimming and you want to bring your phone with you. This is really safe because it ensures that the bag would not get filled with water.


  1. Hello Kitty Power Bank Set– This one is a Hello Kitty power bank set, the set includes a monopod,

power bank, led light, USB cable, and a ring stent. It is a cute and very useful set when traveling. The power bank is 8800 mAh and is durable, the charge and discharge cycles more than 500 times. The charging times is two times (Apple phone 1450 Ma test). It is chargeable for 8-9 hours.


That would be all for this blog guys, and I hope you enjoyed what you have read.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these items too, just click the link below each description and it will lead you straight to the product.

Also, check TFSS’s site if you want to discover more amazing stuff.

Visit their site http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/


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