All about KJM’s Lip and Cheek Tints

Ola me amores! Welcome to another blog. Today I’ll be sharing with you my collection of KJM Lip Tints. KJM Cheek and Lip Tint is one of the famous lip tints here in the Philippines. It gives you that perfect flushed look while keeping it simple. It’s perfect for a go-to makeup look, especially when you are in a hurry. This line is composed of 10 shades with colors red, pink, orange and purple. If you want to know these tints, keep reading. 🙂


  1. Bittersweet Magenta– This one is the best seller of this line. A dark red somehow looks a bit maroon at times. It’s perfect for the cheeks, and it is beautiful on the lips. One of my favorite in this collection.


  1. Bloodshot– From the name itself, this color is a bright red. For red lovers, this would perfectly suit you. I don’t like it on my cheeks, though, I think it’s too red, or maybe it was just because I applied it the wrong way but anyways, this is still a nice shade.


  1. Pink Puff– Starting with pink shades, the pink puff is the lightest shade. This one is a perfect if you want to achieve that natural pinkish look. It is the cutest shade for me.


  1. Dolled– A bit darker than the Pink Puff, this is another pink shade. For those who want a bit darker pink, you would love this one. I think the name suits this one, you’ll surely be looking like a doll with this one.


  1. Girl Talk– The darkest pink color, this one looks like fuchsia. It is so sassy and girly. Perfect for sassy girls out there.


  1. Tango– This one is the light shade of orange. Perfect for a summer look, it would match that sun-kissed look that everyone wants to achieve.


  1. Summer Kiss– A darker shade of the Tango, this one is a more reddish-orange shade. For fair skin like Koreans, this would perfectly suit you.


  1. Vibe– Starting with the shades with a touch of purple. Vibe is a color of a very light purple, and it is a fierce color for me. I don’t think this shade would be perfect for the cheeks, but on the lips, it is also great.


  1. Fused– I think this one is a combination of maroon and a bit purple. I darker look for those who wants a fiercer look.


  1. Bewitched– The last of this collection, this one is a lighter shade of maroon. For me, it kind of looks a bit similar to bittersweet magenta.


Link of KJM Lip and Cheek Tint:


There you go ladies; I hope you liked our blog for today. I all loved the shades of these tints. They are all kiss proof and long lasting on the lips.

If you are interested in having some of your own, just follow the link that I have indicated above. I sure loved these tints; I hope you would too.


You may also be interested in other items; you may visit The Fun Stuff Shop for items that you’ll surely love. Visit their site



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