Items for my Home Sweetie Home!

Hi darlings, it’s me again, welcoming you with virtual kisses. For today’s blog, I’ll be sharing with you my haul of new items for my home sweetie home. I just thought that these items would be a good help in my home. If you want to know what these items are, stay tuned. 🙂

  1. Garlic/Onion/Vegetable Chopper– This one is very useful in the kitchen, when I saw this I thought to myself that this is a must have for my homie. This is an effective garlic, onion, and even vegetable chopper. It gives a perfect design for mincing the food easily and quickly. It has a stainless steel blade that is easy to clean. The best tool for the kitchen.

  1. Egg Cracker/Separator– I was very curious if this one really works, and I can’t believe it really does. This one can quickly open a fresh egg or hard-boiled egg. It is very useful for an easier way of cracking eggs. For you who wants to keep it clean and sure in cracking a fresh or boiled egg, I’d definitely suggest this one.

  1. Magic Bullet Express Blender Mixing Set– A perfect tool for making smoothies and other beverages, this one really makes it easier and beautifully made. This is a high-speed blender that mixes up drinks in 10 seconds flat making at-home cocktails, healthy smoothies and other drinks a breeze to make. Perfect for cocktail parties, summer BBQs, and dinner parties.

Box includes:

1 x Power Base

2 x blades

2 x cups

4 x mugs

4 x colored comfort lip rings

2 x sealed lids

2 x vented lids

  1. Silicone Travel Packing Bottles (2 pieces set) – This one is very useful if you are traveling, this is a set of silicone packing bottles. If you are planning on a vacation and just wants to bring a little amount of lotion, shampoo, and conditioner and so on, this would be a perfect container. It is leak proof, and it has a wide opening for filling and cleaning.

  1. Animal Hanging Hand Towel– The last but the cutest, this is a hanging towel for the kitchen. You’ll never have a dull moment in the kitchen when you have these cuties hanging on the side. These hanging towels are very comfy and handy. Cute and useful.

Well, that ends our blog for today. I hope you liked it, and if you are interested in these items for your homes too, just follow the link I have indicated below the description.

These are all from The Fun Stuff Shop if you want to see more, just follow the link below. See you on the next blog. Byeee.

Visit their site

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