Panda Lovin’ ~ My Panda Items Haul Part 2!

Hi dears! Welcome to another blog with me Kaye! Now I know I already made a blog about my Panda haul, but still who could resist the temptation of having more pandas around, right? So I decided to buy other items that I might like, and yes I bought some cute items there. If you are interested, stay tuned. 🙂

Here are my new panda items:

  1. Furry Panda Baseball Cap– A cute and furry cap for a sunny day. This one is a panda baseball cap that has soft furs. It is really nice and comfy. Feel cute and protected by the sun’s heat with this cute and furry one. I’d definitely wear this all the time.

  1. Panda Adult Slippers– Nothing compares to the comfort your slipper gives after taking off your shoes worn for the whole day from work. Anyone would surely love these pair of slippers. These are a very cute pair of panda slippers that certainly gives you comfort as well as making you feel cute with its panda design.

  1. Panda Love Sling Bag– It’s another addition o my collection of sling bags. This one, I’d definitely say this is one of my cutest sling bags. This has panda ears and eyes with a heart shaped nose. It is such a cutie, and I’d surely love to wear this all the time. It’s perfect for hangouts and malling.

  1. Classic Panda Backpack– Another backpack and yes it’s a classic leather bag. The material is synthetic, but it’s definitely a good quality. This one caught my eye simply because it’s a panda backpack. It’s perfect for overnights because your clothes and stuff would definitely fit in this one backpack.

  1. Kung Fu Panda Adult Onesies– Onesies has been a trend these days, especially with young aspiring stars in the show business. I’d definitely couldn’t blame them, I mean these onesies are very comfortable to wear, not to mention it’s really cute. I had this one in a panda design, I’d definitely be wearing this during the cold nights.

Well that would be all for this haul dears, I hope you enjoyed this collection of panda treats.

If you are interested in these items too, you may follow the link below each of the description.

These are all from my one and only favorite online shop, The Fun Stuff Shop. You may want to check their site out, you may find more amazing treats out there. Byeee.

Visit their site

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