The Right Skin Care Products for You

Hi loves, it’s me again Kaye giving you virtual kisses and hugs. Today I’ll be sharing with you darlings some of the effective skin care products that I have discovered. Taking care of our skin is a must, especially when we are always being exposed to the pollution outside our homes. I hope you enjoy these items.

  1. Cathy Doll Aloe Ha Soothing Aloe Vera Gel Cream 50g– This one is very effective in maintaining your skin hydrated and protected from the pollution. It makes a barrier to block pollutants so that you are protected from different pollution outside. I use this every day before going to work, it really helps, and I love how my skin feels. It’s so hydrated and smooth.

  1. Snail Pink Pore Reducing Serum 50g Cathy Doll (For Oily Skin)– This one is perfect for oily skins, just like me. It has a powerful oil-control formula that helps minimize pores, improve elasticity and get rid of wrinkles. This serum stimulates a gentle peeling of inactive skin cells while increasing the production of collagen. The result with me is really satisfying, a shiny young looking skin.

  1. Miracle Salve enhanced with Manuka Honey– This is my holy grail. This is really effective regarding blemishes, acne, irritations, and insect bites. This is good for a lot of things, it is even good for an underarm therapy, and it also eliminates bad odor. The Manuka Honey in it is an antibacterial which is good for healing sores, wounds and more. You guys should try this one. It’s really worth your money. ☺

  1. Lilys Touch Miracle Soap 95g– I’ve been using this soap for a couple of weeks now, and I must say it guarantees effective results on me. This soap is enriched with Dead Sea salts and vitamin E which helps remove dead skin cells, invigorates the skin, and leaves it smooth, glowing, and especially pleasant to touch. I surely loved this one.

  1. Relumins Herbal Body Lotion 500ml– My favorite lotion for now. I found good results on using this, it is said to penetrate down to the deepest layers of the skin to repair and correct hyper-pigmented skin while protecting, hydrating and evening dry, damaged skin. It’s also a whitening lotion that is why this would be perfect for those who want an effective whitening lotion. This only cost 950.00 for a 500ml that is a great deal.

That would be all for this blog dears. I hope you have learned something.

If you want to try these products out, check the links I have indicated under the description.

These products are all from The Fun Stuff Shop, if you want to look for more skin care products and other items that you are looking for, you might just find it there. I’ll leave the link below. Check them out. 🙂 Till our next blog guys. Love lots.

Visit their site

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