Starting Monday with a New Haul! (Affordable Tops)

Ola Kumusta my dears! It’s me again, giving you virtual kisses on this beautiful Monday.

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys another haul of the most affordable tops I have discovered online. I hope you like it. 🙂

  1. Maroon Off Shoulder Long Sleeves– This one is an off shoulder long-sleeved top. It is very lightweight and has a soft texture. I loved the color maroon, if you have fair skin, it will really show your white complexion. It’s perfect for dates or casual hangouts.

  1. Cute Flower Chiffon Sleeveless Top– This one is a sleeveless layered top, which is very cute because of its floral design. It’s really sassy and cute to wear. It’s perfect for hot days, especially when it’s humid because it’s a sleeveless it is refreshing. It is also lightweight and comfortable to use.

  1. Navy Blue Off Shoulder Top– Another sleeveless top, although this one is not a long sleeve not like the other. This is in the color navy plus, and again this one is a very nice color for fair skinned ladies. It will surely show your fairness. It’s good for casual hangouts with friends or going to the mall.

  1. Tan Off Shoulder Top– This one is the same with the navy blue sleeveless, the only difference is the color. This one is in the color tan. This one could be good for a not so fair skinned ladies out there. ☺

  1. Dotted Open Shoulder Ribbon Knot Long Sleeve Top– Last but not the least is this open shoulder long sleeve top. I have seen this worn by Ms. Denise Laurel on their show “The Better Half” last Feb 20. It’s nice, chic, and really soft because it’s cotton. It’s appropriate for a walk in the mall or even hangouts with friends.


That’s all for this blog ladies. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you want to check out these items, just follow the links I have indicated under each description.

These are all from my favorite online shop, The Fun Stuff Shop. Feel free to visit their site if you want to discover new stuffs there. They have great deals that would just suit ant budget. 🙂

Visit their site

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