My Top 5 iPhone Cases!!!

Ola kumusta my loves, it’s a new blog here with me Kaye.

For today’s blog, I’ll be sharing with you guys my top 5 iPhone cases. These are all my favorites, and of course, I bought it from my favorite online store, The Fun Stuff Shop.

If you want to know these top 5 iPhone cases of mine, keep reading 🙂 

P.S These cases are all for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7 Plus.

  1. Aeolian Bells PU Wallet Card Slot Cover For iPhone 6S Plus– This one has a bright pink color, designed with a dream catcher. It’s very convenient because it has a card slot for my ATMs, credit cards, and even my IDs. It’s like a two in one wallet case. It’s also durable as well, and I’m happy showing it off with its lovely design.
  1. Soft TPU Luminous Slim Back Protection Phone Case For iPhone 6S– This one is a slim back protector, this caught my eye because it’s actually glowing in the dark. How awesome is that, right? And it’s not just that; it also comes with a cool design. It’s also durable.
  1. Wallet Card Holder Flip Starry Sky Cover iPhone 6S Plus Case– This one is almost the same with my first case, it also has a card slot, and of course, it’s a phone protector too. This one has a design of the starry night sky. For me, it’s relaxing to look at because it reminds me of the stars at night making me feel comfortable.
  1. Noctilucent Floral Soft Clear TPU Night Luminous Back Case For iPhone 7– Well, after purchasing the glow in the dark iPhone case, I started loving it and thought to buy two more. I have this one and the last one later. This one is also glowing in the dark, and it has a floral design which reminds me of cherry blossoms. It’s really cute and cool.
  1. Silicon Wolf Feather Night Luminous Phone Back Case For iPhone 7– Yes, the last one! This one is like the other 2. This is also a glow in the dark. It has a design of a wolf and kind of a dream catcher. I can’t explain it clearly, but when you look at it, it’s really cool. ☺


That’s all for my top 5 iPhone cases guys. I loved these items. They were really nice and durable too.

If you are interested in purchasing these kinds of phone cases too, you may follow the link indicated below each description. 

Please visit The Fun Stuff Shop’s site too; they have a lot of nice items there. You may want to experience a fun shopping treat.

Visit their site at

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