Trendiest Clothes That’s Pocket-Friendly

Hi loves, welcome to a new blog with me Kaye!

I know some of you wants to keep in with trends nowadays, but sometimes the problem is that it may cost a lot more than our budget. Now I know, people want those with expensive brands, but it’s not always applicable if your budget is a bit on the rocks.

Today I’ll be sharing with you dears, some of the amazing clothes that I found online which are part of the trends these days. It’s not branded but the quality is great, and of course, it’s pocket-friendly.

If you want to know what I got, stay tuned. 🙂

These are the items I have purchased:

  1. Criss Cross Layered Top– This one is a sleeveless layered top that has a crisscrossed design on the front. It’s really nice and chic, because of the layers of the top it gives it a more soft look. It’s perfect for the days that are too hot, and you might want to wear something refreshing. This one would solve the problem.
  1. Collared Off-shoulder– Another favorite as of now. This one is an off-shoulder long sleeve with collar. It’s trendy and chic, and it is also comfortable to wear. It could be an ideal look for days that may be a bit cold, but you still want to show some skin. ♥
  1. Overlap Top– This one is a simple overlap top, although it’s simple it still has that look that wouldn’t make you that plain. It’s perfect for the days you just want to keep it simple and yet trendy. Keeping it simple is a trend these days too. Just add up the right accessory, and it’s the perfect OOTD.
  1. Plain Peephole Back– This one is a choker top that is sleeveless with a peephole on the back. I have seen a lot or girls wearing this one, the only thing that differentiates this one to theirs is the peephole on the back, and that is great because it gave the top a magic touch to look chic and yet simple. You’ll be looking cute in this top, with showing a bit of skin on your back. ☺
  1. Off-Shoulder Lace Dress– The last but not the least is this off shoulder lace dress. I know laces and off-shoulder are on the trend these days and a good thing they put both in one item. I find this dress really nice and chic. For an affordable price of 295.00, this is really a great deal. ♥

There you go, guys. I hope you liked what you have seen.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these items too, you can click the links I have indicated under each description. It will lead you directly to the product. All of these ranges only from 180.00-295.00. Wow! What a great deal for the trendiest clothes, right?

These items are all from The Fun Stuff Shop. They offer great deals there. If you are interested in what they are selling. Visit their site at

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