A Tuesdayrefic Haul!

Hello dearest loves, Happy Valentine’s Day and welcome to another blog. 🙂

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys another haul and of course coming from my favorite online shop, The Fun Stuff Shop. If you want to check what I got there, stay tuned! 🙂

Here are the items I have purchased:

  1. Sutla Flawless Guava Soap– This one is a soap I am using right now on my face, I’ve noticed I have been experiencing a lot of pimples lately, and I just don’t know why. Luckily, I found this one, and it says to help treat pimples and other skin disorders. I just tested this last week, and I loved the result. My pimples were slowly gone. I now have a few pimple marks, but it’s fine. I have this Organic Alley Rosehip, and it helps remove scars.☺ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/guava-soap/
  1. 3D Digital Printing Sky Unicorn Hooded Couples Fleece– I know that it’s been a cold weather these couple of days, maybe because of the lonely valentine’s day. Just kidding! ☺ I don’t know why, but I took the chance to buy this hoodie. This one is a 3D designed hoodie, with a unicorn as its print. It’s colorful, and it really caught my eye because it was really cute. Another hoodie for my closet! ♥ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/europe-fashion-3d-digital-printing-sky-unicorn-hooded-couples-fleece/
  1. Floral Studs Leather Backpack– This one is a mini backpack with studs, I loved it’s design because it’s also floral. It’s perfect for hangouts and going to the mall because it’s lightweight. Easy to bring yet it’s trendy and chic. http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/floral-studs-leather-backpack/
  1. 3D Printed Funny Diving Simpson T-Shirt– I loved the design of this shirt, it’s funny yet cool. It’s a 3D shirt. I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing these kinds of shirts too so it must be a trend nowadays. It’s perfect for days that you just want to keep it simple while having fun with your friends. It’s not just a simple shirt because the design is just too cool for being simple. http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/novel-fashion-3d-printed-funny-diving-simpson-women-men-t-shirt-short-sleeve-tee-top/
  1. Owl Printed T-shirt 3D Punk Style– Another shirt for this haul. This one is designed with a black and white owl. Just being classic. I love it because the design is cool, it’s more punkish and yet simple. And yes, it’s one of those clothes you can wear when you feel like not wearing too sassy or too prepared for the day. ☺ http://www.thefunstuffshop.com/product/2016-summer-fashion-women-owl-printed-t-shirt-3d-punk-style-clothing/


Well, that’s all for this haul dears. I hope you liked what I shared with you.

If you want to purchase some of the items above too, feel free to click on the links I have provided for you. It will lead you directly to the product.

If you want to see more amazing products, you can visit their site at http://thefunstuffshop.com/

I always find amazing stuffs out there, I hope you will too. 🙂

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