Another Shoe Collection (Girly Edition)

Hi my dears, it’s me again, Kaye, giving you virtual kisses on this lovely Monday.

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys another shoe collection, but a girly one. As you can all remember, I have shared with you guys my sneakers collection already and today it will be a whole different one.

I hope you enjoy this collection. 🙂

P.S The first two in this collection is my two most favorite shoes for Sunday masses.

  1. Western Sweet Mid-High Shoes– This one is one of my cutest girly shoes. I often use this as a pair for my dress when going to church. It has this bright pink color that looks sassy and chic. The heels are also not too high, so it’s more simple that other high heeled shoes. It’s just the appropriate high-heeled shoes for Sunday masses. ♥
  1. Simple Solid Color and PU Leather Design Women’s Wedge Shoes– Another favorite shoes of mine when going to church, this one is a classic black leathered wedge. It so classy and chic to wear that’s why I love wearing this too as a pair of my other Sunday dresses. It’s also really comfortable to wear, no more worries about having a problem with balancing because this one is a wedge.
  1. Sexy Stiletto Heel and Suede Design Women’s Sandals– Well, this one is one of the trends these days. I’ve seen a lot of public figures wearing this kind of shoes too. This one is a classic and chic looking high heeled shoes. It more appropriate for parties and special events like weddings.
  1. Simple Pointed Toe and Suede Design Pumps – A classic red, pointed shoes for this collection is a must. This one gives you a fiercer and stylish look. I could wear this for the office or for parties too. Its vibrant color will give that spark on you OOTD.
  1. Stylish Color Block and Peep Toe Design Sandals– This one could be perfect for parties, this is a multi-color high heeled shoe that gives off a funky yet stylish look. It’s perfect for making a fashion statement too. You’ll surely be an eye catcher and head turner for this shoes.

That’s all for this collection dears, I hope you enjoyed what I have shared with you guys. 🙂

If you are interested in some this collection too, you may follow the links indicated below each description.

This collection is all from The Fun Stuff Shop, if you want to see more amazing stuffs, feel free to roam around their site and be surprised with what’s in store for you.

Visit their site at

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