All About Wear Your Expressions!

Hi loves, it’s me again Kaye welcoming you to this new blog 🙂 Today, I’ll be talking about the brand Wear Your Expressions. It’s a new brand from The Fun Stuff Shop in which advocates the importance of showing your feelings, emotions, and expressions. They offer necklaces, mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and a lot more. They also accept personalized designs.

I know it could be hard sometimes to express what we feel, that’s why I think it’s a good idea to wear them instead, right? 🙂

Here are the products I have received from Wear Your Expressions:

  1. Your Planets and Stars Silver Necklace– This one is just the first of the three necklaces I have received. All these necklaces have a quotation about motivation and self-worth. They also offer gold plated ones, but I prefer silver that’s why they gave me all silver ones.☺ This one is really nice because it provides you with positivity. Also, this necklace is UV and water resistant. The quotation on this one is long, but what it talks about is facing yourself, be positive and keep going.
  1. Chin Up Princess Silver Necklace– An addition to my necklaces, this one says “Chin Up Princess or the Gown Slips.” It’s also really nice like the other one. It makes you realize that you have to keep going, just pursue your goals because if you don’t and you suddenly give up, those goals might be too far now to achieve. Just be strong to face all the challenges in life and be optimistic about it. ♥
  1. Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud Silver Necklace– This is the last necklace that they have given me, but my most favorite one. It says on the necklace “Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud,” and that gives me a lot of motivation in achieving my goals. That is probably true in our lives; we should never stop until we are proud of ourselves, proud of what we have achieved with all the hard work and sacrifices we have given. We have endured a lot already; we just need to keep going until we are truly full. Truly contented and proud of ourselves. ♥
  1. You’re Magic Black Mug– I also received a mug, and I’m really happy about it because another mug means a lot more of coffee time. ☺ But that’s not just it. It is also because the quotation in this mug amazes me. It says that “You’re MAGIC, you just don’t know it yet,” and with that, it tells us that we have to be confident about ourselves, we need to love and believe ourselves that we have something we could show the world. It’s really nice because it makes me believe that I have a lot of worth, I know each individual is unique, and that is why all of us are MAGIC too because I know that all of us has a purpose and has something to show. ♥
  1. Be A Lion Hoodie– Finally, I have a new hoodie. I really loved this one, it’s a very comfortable hoodie plus it has this quotation that I really like. It says, “If you ever feel like an animal among men, Be A Lion,” and that is really a nice advice. Be a superior, be proud and be strong. This just tells us that we have to stand straight and be confident in ourselves, be strong in all the challenges, be proud of what you can do. That’s an advice I’d really love to hear always. ☺

All in all, the products were really nice and as well as the quotation. It really gives you motivational advices, giving you self-worth, self-motivation, and confidence. ♥ 

That would be all for this blog guys. I hope you enjoyed our blog for today. Expressing our feelings could sometimes be really hard, but we need to remember that expressing ourselves is important because with that people will know the real us. 🙂

If you are interested in Wear Your Expressions too, I have indicated the links of the products below each description. These are all U.S made, so expect it to arrive a bit longer.

These were all from The Fun Stuff Shop, visit their site for more online finds. They are legit. 🙂

Visit their site:

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