How to Achieve that “No Makeup” Makeup Look? Check these out!

Ola Kumusta my dears, Kaye here again. Giving you a virtual hug. ♥

Today’ I’ll be giving you some tips on how to achieve that “No Makeup” Makeup look with these makeup products I have bought from my favorite online shop, The Fun Stuff Shop. I hope you enjoy it. 

  1. BB Cream Foundation Concealer Isolation Sunscreen Whitening Makeup– First, for the face, we’ll be using a BB cream, it’s because this is a “No Makeup” makeup look, we’ll be keeping it simple. Just apply this fairly into your face and blend it well to avoid some unblended areas.
  1. Popfeel Hose Original Makeup Cover Foundation Concealer + Double Headed Waterproof Makeup Eyebrow Pen– Well, I bought this as a set. It comes with a concealer and an eyebrow pen. We’ll be using this concealer to hide those dark under eyes and some blemishes. Just put it under the eye and some of the blemishes that you wanted to hide, after that just set it with any powder. For me any powder would do, I only use Johnson’s Baby Powder all the time. After concealing, let’s move on into the brows. In doing the brows, you don’t need to achieve that “eyebrows on fleek” kind of thing. This is a simple makeup look, that’s why we need it to look simple. Just follow the shape of your brows and fill them in. There is a spoolie together with the eyebrow pen. I’ve used it to brush my brows to give it a natural look.
  1. Kylie Mascara Birthday Edition– Now, for the eyes. I’ve used this mascara, and it’s good. For this look, this mascara will give emphasis on your eyes, giving it an alive look. Just put a little bit, so it would still look simple.
  1. Organic Alley’s Cheeky Bella– I know, I have mentioned this one before. This is a perfect tool for this look; this will give you that natural looking blush on the cheeks plus it could also be used as a balm on your lips which adds a perfect color on your lips. It will be looking all natural. Just put it on the cheeks and blend it well, remember that you should be careful in putting a blush because if you over do it, it wouldn’t look as natural as what we are expecting it to be. Then for the lips, just apply it gently.
  1. Johnson’s Baby Powder and High-end Mesa Brush Soft Cosmetic Face Makeup Brush Powder Brush for Lady (4 Colors) – To finish this look, we’ll put some powder on. You can buy any powder that would be just fine. I purchased a set of 4 powder brushes. I just want to use it whenever I put my powder on. You could also use your hands, but if it’s dirty, then this powder brush could work too.


And that’s it for this blog ladies. I hope you learned something from it.

We all want to be beautiful, but wearing too much makeup is not always good. Remember ladies, less is better. It’s more attractive to see a more bare face with a little makeup on. A little color of brows, cheeks, and lips is all you’ll need. 🙂

If you are interested in the products I have mentioned above, I have indicated the product’s links below each of the descriptions.

You may also want to look for other great products, you may visit The Fun Stuff Shop’s site. They have a lot of good products there. 🙂

Visit their site:

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