A Haulific Wednesday

Hi dears, it’s a beautiful day for a new blog! Kaye here again, popping into your screen for another Haulific Wednesday. 🙂 Today, I’ll be sharing with you the amazing stuffs I have found during my online shopping. I hope you enjoy it.

Here are the items I have purchased:

  1. Red Double Slit Dress with Shorts– Well, ternos are one of the trends right now, and I must say it’s really nice and comfortable to wear. I bought this just to try it out and I love it. It’s perfect for casual hangouts and days when you feel like going to the mall. It’s like you’re wearing a dress but not exactly because it has a high slit on each side but no worries about being seen with flesh on the side, there is a short as its pair with the exact design as the top. ☺


  1. Red Floral Print Jeggings– This is my first ever jeggings, I thought that I should try one too and I’m loving it. It’s comfy to wear, it’s like you’re wearing jeans but feels like leggings. It’s perfect for hangouts or casual dates. If you want to keep it simple, you’ll be needing this. ☺


  1. Chic Quality Colorful Rhombus Design Knitting Mermaid Shape Blanket– For a couple of days, mornings are really cold and then I saw this mermaid blanket and it was just perfect. It’s comfy plus it’s really cute. Perfect for the cold weather, a must try guys! ☺


  1. Electric Fast Hair Straightener Brush– For days that I’m too lazy to use the flat iron for my hair, this probably suits me. It’s also a hair straightener but the thing is, it’s a brush. It’s easy to use just brush your hair and there you have it. You can choose how much heat you want to use in your hair. ☺


  1. Menow Kissproof in the Shade 05– An additional to my makeup, this one is perfect for the casual days. This matches my lip color making it look like I’m not wearing anything. It’s a natural looking lipstick for me, and of course, this is matte so it’s a bit dry but it’s fine. ♥


That’s all for this haul dear, I hope you liked all the items. 🙂

If you did, you might want to purchase some of these too. I have indicated the link for each product.

These are all from The Fun Stuff Shop. They have a lot of amazing products out there, you may want to stop by and experience the fun. 🙂

Visit their site: http://thefunstuffshop.com/

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