Trying out Copper Mules!

Hello dears, cheers to Monday! It’s me again, Kaye giving you a tight hug for this new blog. 🙂

Today I’ll be talking about Copper Mules and what is so interesting about these products. Stay tuned 🙂

History of Copper Mule

Copper has been used for millennia as a way to hold a drink, to take a drink. In ancient times, the people of Ireland enjoyed their drink by way of a copper goblet called an “escra,” and countless yogis of India used copper cups. American colonists drank from copper mugs, The Virginia Tankard, to name one, dating from the mid-1600’s, and what was called a “flaggon” with its generous 3-cup volume. Fast forward to the 1940’s and the Moscow Mule came to town. A beverage, or shall we say a “cocktail” with a bite that insisted on its own copper mug. And what we now have, is the Copper Mule.

Copper Mules has been long used as a way to drink or to take a drink. It is said to give an enhanced flavor whenever you drink in a copper mug. Copper Mule has a total of four designed 100% copper mugs. These products would be a perfect gift for your relatives who love a great drink.

Here are some amazing facts about Copper Mules:

  1. A 100% PURE copper. Made for real enthusiasts, Copper Mules don’t use any nickel, tin or other metals in the construction of our copper mugs. Everything (including the handle) is made from pure copper.
  2. It has sturdy riveted handles. Welding is not always consistent and can cause a weaker bond. These copper mugs are built to endure the test of time. You can enjoy drinking from your solid copper cups indefinitely.
  3. Totally raw exposed copper. These copper mugs are constructed with no inside liner/coating, these copper mugs enhance the flavors of your favorite drinks while promoting the antibacterial/health benefits associated with drinking from pure copper. The outside of these mugs are coated with a food grade lacquer to prevent the tarnishing on the outside of your mug. These authentic Moscow Mule mugs would be kept looking spotless on the outside while enjoying the chilling/flavor/health benefits of a pure copper mug.
  4. These are handcrafted by Artisans. All these copper mugs are manufactured with care and attention by skilled artisans making each copper mug unique and innovative. You can sit back and enjoy drinking from your timeless classic knowing it’s one of a kind!

These copper mugs are undoubtedly impressive. I have bought a set of 2 for my uncle’s birthday. He loved it, and indeed, he felt a twist in his drink making it a great drink. Now he uses it every time he drinks.

If you are interested in these products too, here is a link for you to see:

Well, that’s all for today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

These products are available in The Fun Stuff Shop, if you are interested in purchasing as a gift for your father, grandfather, brother and uncles that loves drinking, you could follow this link below.

Visit their site:

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