My Shoe Collection (Sneakers Edition)

Hi everyone! Welcome again to another blog. Today I’ll be sharing with you my sneaker collection 🙂 I’m one of those persons who are fond of wearing sneakers. I feel more comfortable wearing this kind of shoes. How about you guys? Comment below if you do too. It’s good to know a fellow sneaker lover. 🙂

P.S Guys this doesn’t mean I couldn’t wear sandals or high heels, I could still wear both, but I just prefer sneakers more sometimes. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this collection. 🙂

Here is my sneaker collection:

  1. Camouflage Hidden Heel Wedge Shoes– This one is one of my most worn sneakers, for now, it still adds that girly style even though it is a sneaker. It has a hidden heel that looks like a wedge sneaker. It’s probably perfect for casual hangouts and going to the mall. ☺
  1. Korean Basic White Leather Shoes– Leather flatform shoes are on trend nowadays, and I can’t blame it because it looks so good. Classy and chic, plus it’s comfortable to use. This one is classic white, I wear with a pair of skinny jeans and shirt.
  1. Leisure Breathable and Colorful Eyelet Design Athletic Shoes– Exercise is important in maintaining our good health, that why I usually take a run every morning to have a healthy body. I wear these pair of sneakers everytime I exercise. It’s comfy plus it has a colorful eyelet that makes it look cuter too.
  1. Simple Oxford-Inspired Platform Shoes– Yes, I know this one is slightly similar to the other that is why I bought this one in black. This is another favorite among my collection, just like my white platform shoes, this one also looks classy and chic when you wear it. It’s very comfy too.
  1. Trendy Breathable and Solid Color Design Athletic Shoes– This one is another athletic shoe for exercising. I like having a variety of shoes to pick on when I exercise. I like to partner it up with clothes that matches my shoes. This one is also comfortable and of course it durable. ☺

That’s the end of my collection, I hope you liked it. 🙂

If you guys are interested in these items too, you may follow the link under my descriptions.

These are all from my favorite shop, The Fun Stuff Shop. Try visiting their shop, you guys might discover something you want. Visit their site at

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