Summer is Near! Get ready with me :)

Hello my dears! Summer is near, and we all know what it means. Right before this coming summer, I’ve decided to pick up some summer essentials in advance to be ready when it finally comes. Come and get ready with me. I’ll share with you guys what I have prepared.

Here are the items I have prepared for summer:

  1. Blue Elephant Life Mandala Beach Mat– This one is perfect for a day on the beach. I can use this as a mat on the sand to sit on. It’s great while you are enjoying the lovely scenery of the beachfront, you can either sit or lie down. Plus it could also be used for picnics. It comes in different designs too, but this one is a classic ☺
  1. Ethnic Flower Print Beach Mat– Another beach mat for my collection. This one has a more sassy design than the Blue Elephant Mandala Beach Mat because it’s floral and has bright colors. It’s good to have a variety to pick on, right? ☺
  1. Racerback U Neck Top and Bohemian Shorts Tankini Swimsuit– For a not so sexy wear on the beach, sometimes I prefer a simple top and a short for swimming. This one is ideal for what I have been looking for. It is more conservative to look at but still has that magic touch because of its cute bohemian design and its bright color. ♥
  1. Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Beach Dress– This is the ideal look for dinners on the beach or a walk at night on the lively lifestyle of the beach life. It’s chic looking and just the right thing to wear during your stay at the beach.
  1. Organic Alley’s Summer Lover Tinted Sun Shield Cream– Well, I’m a fan of Organic Alley, and this sun shield cream is just perfect for a fun summer. It’s a tinted sun cream with different varieties of colors. They have orange, pink, blue, yellow and red. If you want a fun and colorful summer or a day on the beach, this is the right product for you. A truly sweat proof, waterproof and baby safe sun protection! ♥


P.S I know I’m still missing some A-Must essentials, but these are just some of what I have prepared for now. ☺ There are others to come. ♥

There you go guys, that’s all for my summer preparation. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

If you want to buy these summer essentials too, you may click on the link I have indicated under the descriptions.

All these items came from The Fun Stuff Shop. They have amazing stuffs there, you may want to check it out. It’s affordable plus they are totally legit.

Visit their site at

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