Something for my Home Sweetie Home :)

Hello dears! Nothing feels better than being home, don’t you agree? ☺ Today I’ll be sharing with you guys the things I’ve bought for my beloved home. Stay tuned cause you might need these useful stuffs too.

Here are the items I have purchased:

  1. Commodity 2PCS Mouth Shape Toothpaste Squeezers– We all had problems with squeezing our toothpastes till the last drop. This toothpaste squeezer is the perfect solution. I bought this one already in 2 pieces per pack, it’s really helpful in squeezing my toothpaste plus it helps me save more left toothpaste in the container. A certainly must have for your home. ☺
  1. Adjustable Bag Rack– I’m one of those persons who has a lot of bag collection. This might come very handy if you have too. This item is an adjustable bag rack in which you could put all your handbags in place and also it help you organize it for you to easily get what bag you want to use for the day. It’s affordable but a good use for your home.
  1. Cute Shaped Frying Pan– I love pancakes and eggs, and this is just the perfect frying pan for my favorite breakfast meal. ☺ I bought a handful of these frying pans with different shapes. It’s fun having cute shapes of your pancakes or eggs in the morning. It just adds a smile and a good vibe to see cute shapes on your breakfast.
  1. Jewelry Hanging Organizer– Having a lot of accessories and jewelries is sometimes a hassle, because there are times when it would tangle up with other jewelries and others might be mixed with other accessories. This item is a good solution to that problem. It is another organizer that could help you organize where to put your jewelries to avoid misplacing it or having trouble with it being tangled with others. You could just hang this on the wall and you can easily choose what accessory or jewelry you would want to wear for the day. ☺ It’s handy and affordable too.
  1. Press and Measure Oil, Vinegar and Other Liquid Dispenser– I bought this one for our kitchen tools. It’s a dispenser for oil, vinegar, soy sauce and others. It helps you measure the amount of oil, vinegar or other liquid seasonings that you want to use. It is also easy to clean. It is really useful for the kitchen, my mother likes this product very much too. ☺


Home is where everything feels right. Therefore we must take good care of it too. Be clean and tidy because “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” 🙂

That’s all for this haul guys. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

If you are interested in these stuffs too for your home, just click on the link below of the product’s description.

You may also want to look for other awesome stuff, try The Fun Stuff Shop’s site. You’ll enjoy what you’ll be seeing there.

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