Panda Lovin’ ~ My Panda Items Haul!

Ola mi amores! Kaye here again 🙂 Today will be filled with cute pandas ❤ I know everyone couldn’t resist the unbreakable charm of these cute fluffy creatures, so today I’ll be sharing with you my Panda Items. I hope you enjoy 🙂

 P.S. No Pandas were harmed in this blog. (Just kidding)

Here are the Panda Items I have purchased:

  1. Panda Babies Bag Set– This item is a great deal for its price. It’s a set of 2 bags already. A backpack plus a sling bag. The cutest combo that I have in my collection. I could use this for casual hang-outs, handy yet adorable. Perfect for Panda lovers. ☺
  1. Panda Like Classic Watch (Black) – All we want is time and what better way to check it is with a wrist watch. I bought this one because it’s really cute. No one could resist anything that’s cute, right? That’s why this caught my eye. It’s available in other colors too. (Blue, Pink, White) If you want to be cute and in time, better have one of these. ☺
  1. Fluffy Panda Hand Bag– Are you looking for something fluffy but handy? This handbag is just perfect for you. It’s the cutest handbag you’ll ever have. It’s soft, like a teddy bear yet it can be used as your bag. You can now have a pillow and bag all in one. That’s what I love about this item. ♥
  1. Panda Message Ceramic Coffee Cup– Having a cup of coffee never looked this cute. This item here is my favorite. It’s really cute, and it puts a smile on my face every morning just seeing the cute panda design. You could also choose a message that you would want. The choices are: I Need Your Love, My Heart Is With You, and Panda, We are Good Friends. I have mine in I Need You. ☺♥
  1. Panda Love BackPack– This is another backpack for my collection. It’s good to have a variety to choose. ☺ I also like this one, it’s durable, and I usually use this when me and my friends are having a sleepover. For me, it’s handy to bring because it has a lot of space to put your things on. ☺


That ends my haul for today guys. I hope you liked it.

I have indicated the product’s link under my description, you guys might want to try these items too. 🙂

All these panda items are available on The Fun Stuff Shop’s site. Feel free to check their page. 🙂

Visit their site at

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