Trendy Tops for an Affordable Price

Hello amores! It’s Kaye again, giving you kisses wherever you are. ♥ Today I’ll be sharing with you some of the trendy tops I’ve bought, and yes they are all affordable. Looking chic nowadays doesn’t need to be too expensive. You just need a good eye for great deals of clothes plus a good online shop to look for.  

Here are the tops I have purchased:

  1. Floral Chiffon Sleeveless Top– This is a cute multi-layered top, which I really love. Whenever I wear this one, I feel a bit more feminine. It’s perfect for usual hangouts or going to the mall. Many of my friends also bought one too, but a different design. 😉
  1. Strappy Cutout Shoulder Top– This one is my favorite as of the moment. It’s really chic and of course trendy. It’s simple, yet the design gives it a magic touch. I also saw Loisa Andalio wearing this kind of top, that’s why I fell in love at first sight when I saw this. ♥ 16215701_1232970470150293_1363103647_n
  1. Navy Blue Off Shoulder Top– Off shoulder tops has been a trend these days. People tend to show their flawless shoulders everywhere, that’s why I thought why not try it too. I’ve bought this one because I loved the color. Navy blue is a good pair for my skin tone, it makes me look whiter. I also purchased a maroon that’s just like it. A lot of variety is a good thing, don’t you think? ☺
  1. Neon Pink Sleeveless Top– This one is a bright pink, perfect for neon parties. It’s a multi-layered top too that is very soft on the skin. I love its texture, and it’s comfortable to wear. ♥
  1. Sexy Spaghetti Straps Flowy Top– I don’t always wear sleeveless or spaghetti straps, but there are times that are really hot. Especially when summer, this becomes handy for those days. It’s chic looking and its comfortable. You could also pair it with a midi cardigan if you feel like it’s too showy for you ☺


That is all for this blog guys. I hope you enjoyed it. These tops only ranges from 250-549 pesos.

If you are also interested in these products, you may follow the link below each description

 I got these all from The Fun Stuff Shop, you can visit their site at

You guys may be interested in more stuffs there.

 Thank you and see you on my next blog. Byeeee ♥




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