Dream Catchers ~Yes! I’m addicted to it ☺

Hello dears! ♥ 

Welcome to today’s new blog! It’s me again, Kaye, giving you a virtual hug. ♥ I’m excited to share with you guys my collection of dream catcher accessories. Yes, I know I’ve said it a couple of times now that I love dream catchers that’s why I wanted to share with you today my collection which I got from The Fun Stuff Shop ☺ I hope you enjoy it.

Here are my collections:

  1. Dream Catcher Beads Halter Crochet Top– Summer is a few months away, and what better things to do is to get ready in advance. This caught my eye as I looked for stuffs in TFSS. This is perfect for summer especially for a day on the beach. A must have for this summer to come. http://thefunstuffshop.com/product/dream-catcher-beads-halter-crochet-top/
  1. Dream Catcher Silver Plated Bracelet– I love this bracelet, I use it for casual hangouts with friends or when going to church. It’s simple, yet it adds a little magic touch for the OOTD of the day. http://thefunstuffshop.com/product/dream-catcher-silver-plated-bracelet/
  1. Dream Catcher Silver Plated Ring– I’m one of those persons who are fond of wearing rings. It has been my daily accessory to wear a ring; I could forget bracelets or necklaces but never my ring. This one is my favorite ring as of the moment. It’s cute plus it is designed as a dream catcher, and that surely catches my eyes ☺ http://thefunstuffshop.com/product/dream-catcher-silver-plated-ring/
  1. Dream Catcher Silver Plated Necklace– Another collection of mine that I tend to wear all the time. As much as I love rings, this one is a big YES too. I wear this daily, everywhere I go. It just adds a spark to my OOTD plus it’s the perfect pair for my ring. It’s simple but chic. http://thefunstuffshop.com/product/dream-catcher-silver-plated-necklace/
  1. Dream Catcher Fashion Necklace– Last but not the least for my collection is another dream catcher necklace. It’s a different style than the other, but this looks cute for the days you want to look sassy. It has beads on it plus a bright colored feather. http://thefunstuffshop.com/product/dream-catcher-fashion-necklace/


That’s all for my dream catcher collection guys! I hope you enjoyed it.

If you are a fan of dream catchers too, then you would surely love this collection. 

If you guys are interested to buy these stuffs too, I have indicated its links under the descriptions.

You may also visit The Fun Stuff Shop’s site for more amazing stuffs. I always buy my online finds there. You may be interested.

 Visit their site at http://thefunstuffshop.com/

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